Understand Your Sperm Health

What Legacy Offers

Standard Semen Analysis

Understanding sperm health starts here. This testing option analyzes your sperm count, motility, and morphology to give you a clear picture of your overall fertility. Includes the option to add sperm freezing. Starting at $295.

Advanced Semen Analysis

Get a deeper insight into your sperm health. In addition to the 5 key semen parameters, this at-home testing bundle evaluates DNA fragmentation, a measure of sperm’s genetic health that can help shine a light on infertility, miscarriage, or failed IVF cycles. Includes the option to add sperm freezing. Starting at $570.

Male Prenatal Bundle: Semen Analysis + Supplements

Legacy’s science-backed fertility multivitamin contains 10 active ingredients, including 5 powerful antioxidants. This comprehensive, easy two-capsule-per-day solution was developed by experts to support healthy sperm production, fertility, and hormone health. Includes the option to add sperm freezing. Starting at $470.

Who should get a semen analysis?

You’re trying or planning to have a baby.
If you and your partner are trying to conceive or planning to get pregnant, a semen analysis is the first step to rule out male fertility issues. It’s never too soon — we recommend proactive semen analysis. Testing sperm early can help you avoid costly and unnecessary tests or treatments down the line, and can help you get more quickly to your goal of starting a family.

You want to improve your fertility.
Sperm takes about 72 days to produce. That means it will take at least 2–3 months for any changes you make to have a measurable impact on your sperm health. We recommend starting with a baseline semen analysis, and then testing every 3 months to see if your healthier lifestyle, surgery, or medication is helping to improve your fertility.

You might want to freeze your sperm.
If you’re freezing your sperm for the future, start with a semen analysis to ensure your sperm is healthy and fertile before freezing. One semen sample will be split into 4 vials. These vials can be sent to multiple labs for risk-free storage.

You’ve had a vasectomy or vasectomy reversal.
If you have a vasectomy for long-term birth control, you should get a semen analysis around 12 weeks after the procedure, to confirm there’s no sperm left in your semen. If you have surgery to reverse a previous vasectomy, we recommend getting a semen analysis every month for 12 months to ensure your sperm quality, count, and motility is recovering.

What's Included

In the kit:

  • A sterile sample cup to easily collect your sample from home.
  • The Legacy “vault,” a foam insulating structure to keep a stable temperature and prevent leaking during transportation.
  • The transport media — a vial of pink fluid — to keep sample viable during shipping.
  • A tamper-proof strip to securely seal the shipping box.
  • Free overnight shipping to send your sample to Legacy's lab for analysis.

In your reports:

  • Personalized client dashboard that includes more than just the numbers — it will give you context on what those numbers really mean for you and your family-building plans.
  • Evidence-based recommendations for improving your fertility health, based on your lifestyle and your personal results.
  • Exclusive access to book a virtual appointment with one of Legacy's male fertility specialist medical providers, to discuss your results and possible next steps.
  • Downloadable semen analysis summary report to share with your doctor.
Male Prenatal Supplements

How Can Supplements Help Sperm Health

Male fertility supplements are specific nutrients that support healthy sperm production and male hormone health.

Legacy's Male Fertility supplement contains 10 carefully selected, research-backed active ingredients.

Each daily dose contains:

  • CoQ10, 300mg
  • Vitamin C, 250mg
  • Vitamin D, 35mg (1400 IU)
  • Vitamin E, 100mg (121 IU)
  • Folate (5-MTHF), 1mg DFE
  • Zinc, 30mg
  • Selenium, 70mcg
  • L-carnitine, 200mg
  • D-aspartic acid, 50mg
  • Lycopene, 5mg

What to Expect

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