Find a Therapist Who's Right for You

Mental Health and Fertility

We know that fertility treatment can be taxing. Over 50% of people undergoing treatment experience symptoms of depression, and over 75% experience anxiety. 

Whether you’re facing these specific challenges or are in search of support for your mental well-being, finding the right therapist can make all the difference. 

When you browse Alma’s provider directory, you can use relevant filters to narrow down your search: 

  • Specialty: If you’re hoping to focus your sessions on a specific area of concern, filtering by specialty (e.g. life transitions, fertility challenges, or pregnancy) will help you identify providers with experience you may benefit from. 

  • Identity: Shared identities can serve as solid foundations for care. If you know you’d be more comfortable with a therapist who shares your gender, sexuality, race or ethnicity, or faith, use these filters to focus your search. 

  • Therapeutic approach: If you’re looking for a therapist who uses a specific approach (e.g. CBT), you can use this filter to identify relevant clinicians.
The Right Fit For You

Finding Care With Alma

Alma is on a mission to simplify access to high-quality, affordable mental health care. That means: 

  • Affordable sessions. Enter your insurance plan when you search to find in-network care. On average, Alma clients who use their insurance for sessions save 77% on sessions. 

  • A therapist who gets you. Alma’s diverse, searchable network includes therapists with a wide range of specialties—including fertility, anxiety, depression, relationships, and more. 

  • High-quality care. Therapists at Alma have access to resources like continuing education and professional development, to ensure that clients receive the best possible care. 

How It Works

A simple, supportive search


Browse Alma's directory

Use filters like identity, specialty, and availability to narrow down your search, and review therapist profiles to see who might be a good match.


Book a consultation

Consultations give you the opportunity to meet with a therapist before scheduling a first appointment. At Alma, most therapists offer free, 15-minute calls. 


Decide on the right fit for you

You may not find the right therapist with your first consultation—and that’s ok! Scheduling calls with multiple providers can help you weigh your options and choose someone who’s the right fit.


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